Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tyler - Oh My Heart! {Utah County Children Photography}

I just can't take it! Sweetness oozes from this little guy. Look at him! Every angle, every expression...just so precious. Even though it was a mini session of sorts, his mom finally said, "I'm satisfied" to get me to stop. It was probably a good thing. I could've kept shooting for hours. Can you really blame me though? Enjoy!

This is the last image I shot. I think this meant he was done. Look at that little tear...breaks your heart doesn't it? Whatever you know you smiled. I'm glad mom appreciates the crying pictures as much as I do. We just sat there and Oh..ed and Aw..ed during his misery. I know. Mean.

I can't wait for his sister to join him in an upcoming shoot. I'm already SO excited! Thanks Leslie! I think this last one might be my favorite. Might.

P.S. Tyler reminded me of my angel cousin Wyatt. Equally sweet. Equally darling. Click on his name to read about his story.


Andrus Family said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! Jill, you are so talented. I keep looking at them over and over, and they get better every time because I notice something new. Thank you for taking these. Good work!! And I have to agree, he is pretty sweet!

Andrea said...

I thought the same thing...glad I'm not the only one that thinks every little boy looks like Wyatt.:)

Sarah said...

Little man, indeed! What a doll.. I'll take him home, please. You'll let his mother know, wont you? :)

Kate (and LaVon) said...

So darn cute!! What a lil' innocent angel! Love those eyes and puppydog face!! Great job!

Heather and Jeremy said...

What a cutie!!! He is just so adorable!!!