Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Expression - {Utah Children Photography}

Two of my favorites from tonight. Two very different expressions. Two very sweet little girls.

I wish I could get this natural pretty pouty look on everyone. (Amanda Kellum and all brides, take note) It's perfect.

So sweetly happy.

I love photographing children. I love the natural expressions of kids. So honest. I'm working on alot right now - fun families, and that awesome wedding! Busy. Thanks for your patience during this time of year. Happy holidays to everyone!


Kate (and LaVon) said...

Jill!!! So good!!! I can't wait to have you take more pics of my kids!! And you'll be doing our lil' boys newborn ones for sure! I've never had those done before and can't pass them up!!

Andrea said...

Darling! Love them.

Elegante Family said...

I love that picture of my Brooklynn. I am so excited to see what the others look like. Thank you so much!